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Hold on loosely, but don’t let go. If you remember walkmans, leg warmers and big hair then you probably were around in the 80’s when this popular song hit the charts. This is the tune that has played in my mind for several months. Do you remember the rest of the song? If you cling too tightly, you’re going to lose control.

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do almost anything to get it? Anything within reason. I’m not talking about breaking the law. For example: you yearn for a baby but you are unable to conceive so you take fertility drugs under the care of your physician. After months that turn into years you still do not have a child to call your own.

Then a surrogate is found to carry your baby but something happens that causes her to change her mind. She has decided to help another mother. How could God allow this to happen? You are sure you are supposed to be a mother. To love and nurture a child. To equip him for life. And then release him to replicate all you have taught him. He will change the world.

Then you decide perhaps adoption is the answer but that doesn’t exactly pan out either. Discouraged, you are ready to give up. Your flesh says, “I’m tired. I give up.” Your spirit cries, “No, I will not give up, no matter what the circumstances are.”

Suddenly you discover you’re pregnant! It’s like a dream come true. But it didn’t come easily and it didn’t come quickly. It didn’t happen as you had thought it would. But it did finally happen. In God’s perfect timing. His way.

Recently, I realized I was in a similar situation but the baby was a ministry God had given me a vision and passion for. I began preparing for the baby by praying and writing out the vision. With much anticipation and excitement for the baby’s arrival I unexpectedly found myself mourning as if I miscarried. This new ministry was handed to another person to birth. Disillusioned, I was about to give up. If I couldn’t equip a team to carry out the vision God gave me then maybe I was to adopt. Or adapt.

I found myself questioning a lot of people. Did I hear God wrong? I was  positive that I was the person to birth this ministry. After all, God showed me what it was to look like from afar. I had embraced it. The vision had become so much a part of my DNA that I could not let go of it.

Abraham and Moses listened to God and saw the promise from afar. They embraced the vision God placed before them but neither one knew how to get there. Abraham had to let go of his age limitation and Moses had to let go of his inability to speak well. I had to let go of control by using self-control. By letting go of my preconceived ideas, I move forward like those who went before me. I walk by faith, not sight. One step at a time.

What are you clinging too tightly to that may cause you to lose (self) control?