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IMG_2708Since the time of His birth, Jesus has been using signs and wonders to demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom.  Hebrews 1:3 tells us that He is the exact representation of God’s nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power.  When we examine the ministry of Jesus, we see people heard the message of the Kingdom of God and saw the power of it through miracles, healings and deliverances, and many came to accept Christ as their Savior.

Reflecting  upon the events leading up to the first coming of our Lord and Savior I am astounded by the faith and obedience of the Shepherds who stood watching over their sheep that majestic evening Christ was born.  In Luke 2:8-19, we read an Angel appears before them in the glory of the Lord. He proceeds to announce the good news and tells them not to be afraid.  Then suddenly an angelic choir appears praising God.

I cannot help but wonder why were the shepherds afraid?  What is it about angels appearing in the glory of the Lord that evokes fear in people?  Could it be the magnitude of their size, the brightness of light that radiates from them or the mere fact that they are seeing something supernatural?  I would venture to say it’s all three.

Perhaps our human tendency is to fear what we do not understand or what we have not experienced.  I know many people who fear dying because they do not know what to expect as they transition from this life to their next.  I also remember fearing my first birthing experience because I had never given birth before and I did not know what to expect.  However, once I had given birth I was not afraid to give birth to my second child.  Is it quite possible that understanding follows experience and not vice versa?  However, giving birth and watching someone give birth is natural. But this birth was supernatural.  Mary was a virgin yet about to give birth to a son.  Angels are supernatural.  They are spiritual beings and messengers created by God.

Just as we come to understand things through experiences like childbirth, we also come to understand Jesus more through our experiences with Him.  As we come to trust Him, He will tell and show us things through supernatural experiences. The shepherds heard the word of the Lord, believed and immediately set off to go see this miraculous child.  They were obedient to the calling of the Lord.  God was saying, “Come look at me.”  He did something supernatural, He told them, and now He wanted to show them.  The result was they told others the good news.

Jesus ‘birth illustrates the supernatural foundation of the Christian faith so living a supernatural life should be the norm for the Christian not the exception.  When He comes again we will see the fullness of His glory in the New Jerusalem. The supernatural and the natural become one reality when heaven and earth collide.  We will fear no more because perfect love has arrived once again.