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There is something refreshing about watching the deadness and darkness of winter spring to life and light. What is it about spring-like weather that brings us out of slumber and re-energizes us?

 It’s as though the sun lifts blinders from our eyes enabling us to see the cobwebs, dirt and dust that has accumulated in our house over the winter. Chirping birds unplug our ears and our closets and attics sing, “Clean me. Reorganize. It’s time. Get rid of the junk.”

We can look at our lives as a house with an attic, different rooms and closets that need cleaning from time to time. Jesus is the light and life who prompts us to clean house, reorganize and get rid of the junk. Sometimes his Holy Spirit whispers to us and other times he gently nudges us. Either way, he is calling us to take a look at our life.

Your attic is packed with boxes that contain dusty relics from the past: memories. Some good. Some bad. Your closets are packed with old clothing that doesn’t fit. Sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires, greed, anger, malice, slander and filthy language must be thrown out (Col 2:5-9). Jesus wants to replace attic dust for beauty (Is 61:3). He wants to clothe you with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience (Col 2:12), and free you to be the person God created you to be. Jesus is standing at the door knocking (Rev 3:21).

I will never forget the spring of 2007 when Jesus came knocking on my door. Each time, I cracked open the door to my heart he whispered, “Get rid of your shame. Why are you still carrying it? I took it to the cross. Let go.” I knew there was something stealing my identity and the life God intended for me but I couldn’t place my finger on it. Until then.

I had been a Christian for years but that didn’t mean I was free. Hungry for God and desperate for change, I pressed into him for freedom. I sought him with all my being: body, soul and spirit. The need for approval, anger, shame, self-condemnation and countless other things bound me up.

My freedom from lies began as I sat still in the presence of truth and he began to dispel the lies I believed about myself and circumstances surrounding my life. By blocking out physical, emotional and mental distractions, I encountered Jesus in prayer. In our secret and quiet place, he allowed me to see myself through his eyes. His truth penetrated my heart and changed how I think and live.

Do you know the truth? If not, please allow me to introduce him to you; His name is Jesus. He is also known as the way and the life. He is a gentleman. He will not force his way into your house. But he will knock. Will you open the door and allow him to transform your dusty old relics into shiny new treasures? Will you throw out the old clothes and put on the new? He has a crown of beauty and a royal wardrobe awaiting you. You need only come.