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You can ask any of my closest friends and family, with the exception of my color-blind husband, what my favorite color is, and they will tell you purple. I have liked purple for as long as I can remember. Call me sentimental but it takes me back to my childhood.

It was 1975, just before puberty hit, and they called it “Puppy Love”. My eyes and ears were on American teen idol, Donny Osmond, who was 8 years my senior and my heart melted when he sang. Decked out in purple sequins with his gorgeous smile and brown eyes, we would meet under the star-lit night in my “Deep Purple Dreams”.

I still remember my purple parka trimmed in faux fur; when I wore it, I felt like a movie star. Watch out Charlie’s angels! I was on mindless mission. In my make-believe world, my purple coat made me feel secure, beautiful and just plain good. I thought I could conquer the world and win Donny Osmond’s heart.

40 years later, I still love the color purple. I never tire of it. Purple has taken on even more meaning and significance to me as an adult. It speaks to me of my true identity. As far back as the exodus of the Israelites, purple robes adorned kings. The dye extracted to make purple came from a rare shell-fish which made it of considerable value.

As a Christ follower, I am his bride and that makes me a queen: royalty (Matt. 25, Eph. 5:25). My King, Jesus, clothes me in beauty and grace. Like the story of Esther, he extends his scepter to me and sends me forth in his authority and power to minister to a broken world. Together, we bring healing and wholeness to those who will receive what he died and rose for. There’s nothing that brings me more fulfillment than to see people rescued by love and set free by truth.

Once I was an empty, love-struck pre-teen looking for significance and acceptance in boys and materialism. Now I’m head over heels in love with Jesus, the King of Kings. He has opened my eyes to grasp a depth and width of his love I never knew possible. His extravagant love has steeped me in truth and freed me from lies I once believed. I love who I am because, I know my value and significance is found in the one who gave his life for me. Each morning I wake up in pursuit of the person I am most passionate about: Jesus.

A song for prayer and reflection: