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Darkness invades LightEverything can be defined by its opposite. Up, down. Left, right. love, hate. Winter, summer.

Nature is full of opposites. The other day, I observed two butterflies fluttering a micro-inch from one another. One was bright yellow and resembled light. The other was black as night and, therefore, resembled darkness. The way they mirrored one another mid-air made me wonder if they were attracted to one another. Then they quickly departed like they didn’t want to co-exist together. A battle of entitlement was underway; darkness was trying to invade light.

The Bible speaks of two Kingdoms: Darkness and Light. The Kingdom of Darkness is ruled by Satan and the Kingdom of Light is ruled by Jesus. Both are looking for people to rule with them. Scripture reveals our enemy as a murderer, thief and the father of lies whose chief objective is destruction. Jesus came to earth to penetrate darkness with light (Jn.8:12). Under his rule, health overrides sickness, deliverance breaks spiritual bondage, forgiveness drives out condemnation and love suffocates fear. We begin to see a complete metamorphosis from brokenness to wholeness in us and our world through Christ.

What is it about darkness that instills fear? When my daughter was younger, she struggled with walking into a dark room in our house. She would cling to me like I was some sort of superhero who could protect her from whatever evil lurked in the dark shadows of a room. Yet, when we turned the light on, the darkness faded along with the fear. Gone in an instant.

Every day you face two opposing kingdoms. The good news is you have access to superhero powers. In the latest Avengers movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark (Ironman) accidentally creates a monster (Ultron) in his desire to protect the world from evil. Unfortunately, Ultron can’t tell the difference between saving the world and destroying it and sets out to annihilate the human race. At the end, Ultron meets his match in a newly created robot named Vision who chooses to be on the side of life. He sees grace in the failure of human race and considers it a privilege to be among them.

The key to unlocking your superhero power lies within your will. Once you receive Jesus as Savior, you gain entrance into the Kingdom of Light. He becomes resident within you and, as you surrender daily to him, he becomes president. When darkness enters, you are empowered by his Holy Spirit to cast it out with light. Wow! Darkness flees.

When Jesus returns to the earth, his Kingdom will fully manifest and the enemy will be bound (Rev 20:2). In the meantime, you must decide which kingdom you belong to. Will you side with death or life?

A song for prayer and reflection: