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A New Day is ComingA day is coming when every knee will bend, and every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord and King. Life is not as it should be. Death, sickness and violence surround us. All creation groans, awaiting the day when it too, will be delivered from its bondage of death and decay.

How do we find hope in the midst of turbulent times? Choose to see a better world. Believe and confess, “Jesus is coming again!” The wolf and the lion will live peacefully with the lamb. Joy and peace on earth will be fully restored. In John 14:27, before Jesus ascends to heaven, He tells us His peace isn’t the same as the world’s. Peace isn’t the absence of conflict but the presence of God.

Our peace and joy were stolen when Adam and Eve believed a lie, and acted on it. At that moment, our connection with our heavenly Father, as the source of all truth, was severed. Satan was given what once belonged to man: dominion over earth.

God intended our physical world to reflect His spiritual world. When He created the human race, He breathed His spirit into man, and earth became a visible replica of the invisible Kingdom.

What was God’s solution to man’s problem? Jesus. He sent His precious son to destroy the works of the devil and restore all of creation. He is coming again in glory and power. With Him, he’ll bring His everlasting Kingdom. We will see a new earth and heaven.

This Christmas prepare your heart for His second coming, and celebrate the Prince of Peace who will come as the King of Kings.

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Photo design by Julie Clark