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Our focus shapes our reality.  We can choose to focus on God and all He has to offer or this world and all it has to offer.

When Moses got delayed on the mountain talking with God, the Israelites got fearful and said to Aaron, “We don’t know what has happened to this Moses who led us out of Egypt. Make gods who will lead us.” Aaron chose to cave in to the people’s demand, and they created a golden calf as their source of truth, comfort and security. As a result, they circled the mountain for 40 years instead of living the life God intended for them in the promise land.

When we change our source of truth, comfort and security we’re at risk of falling into idolatry. Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes it’s not. I always heard an idol defined as anything or anyone we love more than God.  Then I heard it defined as anyone or anything we look to for strength or affirmation other than God. That put a whole new spin on the word idol for me.

Perhaps, your idol is your spouse, children, boss, or pastor. Or maybe your golden calf is a hobby like golf, volleyball, gardening or crafting. How about Facebook or over-indulgence of food or drink? What about your bank account? It can even be a ministry you’re passionate about.
I believed God gave me a vision for a particular ministry. Discouragement set in when things didn’t go the way I expected. Ok. Let’s be real. I was offended. I asked God questions about my situation during my quiet time. I was desperate for truth.

But the issue grew bigger and bigger until Jesus became a blur. So the answer I received in prayer was tainted by my feelings. You see, our emotions can be good or bad. They tell us the truth about what we believe.  I Interpreted what I heard from God wrong because I believed a lie.

Then one day, I was in worship and I heard the Lord ask, “Do you love your church more than me?”

Hello? God doesn’t typically ask us a question because he needs the answer. He asks us because he is trying to get our attention. You see, I allowed my source of truth, comfort and security to become my church through the ministry I served in.

God wants our complete attachment to be exclusively to Him.  You may be blessed with a multitude of things, relationships and positions. But the moment any of those have a strong hold on you, His work in your life will be hindered, and you might just find yourself going around the same mountain.

Questions for prayer and reflection:

  1. Think about whatever consumes your thoughts, time and attention. Is there anything you feel you could never give up?

2.  What do you fear?

Begin to let go and surrender it to the Lord in prayer now.

Loving God, you are the sovereign Lord of the universe. I am a creature. You hold all that I love in your hand. My power is limited. Your power is unlimited. All things are possible with you! I give to you _________________.  I release _______________ to your grace and my fear to your love. In Jesus’ name. Amen.