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imagesThere are various factors that make up a great leader: personality, skills, and gifts to name a few. Various leadership assessments are abundantly available to help us understand how God created us. Awareness of these is good, but have you considered a soul assessment?

If you want to be an effective leader for the God’s Kingdom, you”ll have to evaluate your soul too. This is a scary thought to some. We tend to shy away from anything involving our emotions. 

The world tells us to be a strong leader we must have it all together.  Transparency is viewed as weakness. But Jesus said when we’re weak, He’s strong. We experience His strength through His truth and grace. This is the place of soul rest Jesus talks about in Matthew 11.

Our soul is comprised of our mind, will, and emotions. We filter our world through our life experiences. How we think and feel about these things determine our beliefs about God, ourselves and others. Our beliefs affect our ability to lead others in a healthy and constructive manner that produce disciples who positively impact the world. Everybody has a sphere of influence for God. Your sphere may be education, media, government, business, family or arts and entertainment.

Consider this scenario:  a leader who has been criticized most of their life may seek approval of their co-workers and, therefore, make poor decisions instead of doing what’s best for their department. He may not tell those he oversees the truth about a matter; instead, he tells them what they want to hear or nothing at all.  This hinders the growth of both the company and the individual.

Recently, I was celebrating what God was doing in a person’s life when someone approached me and told me to settle down and stop pretending. This pierced my thoughts, emotions, and will. My wounded soul wondered will I be able to be me and free again or will I cower and be silent? 

Bill Johnson says he can’t afford to have any thoughts His Father God doesn’t have about Him. Neither can I. He loves my passion, enthusiasm and my authenticity because they’re an expression of Him. How do I know? Well…because He told me.

Most of us see a doctor for our physical health. Attending worship and small groups help keep us spiritually in check.  But when’s the last time you invited Jesus into your heart for a soul check?

Freedom is like a peeling an onion. It happens one layer at a time, but you have to come ready to get raw and real with God. In that place of vulnerability, He’ll speak beautiful truths to your heart that set you free. The joy far outweighs any pain.

I leave you with this thought….And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul (Matt. 16:26)? Spiritually healthy leaders take care of their soul and know who they are in Christ.

Prayer for the soul: Father God,  I recognize that I’m made in your image. I am a spirit with a soul who lives in a body. Holy Spirit, bring an event to my mind and show me where Jesus was at the time.  Reveal to me any thoughts and corresponding emotions that aren’t in line with your Word. What lie am I believing?  What is the truth? Is there anybody I need to forgive because of the lie or circumstances surrounding it?

As an act of my will, I choose to forgive__________________ (others, myself, you) for _________________(offense).  When that happened, I thought________________ and I felt __________________.  I come out of agreement with ____________(the lie), and I replace it with _______________(the truth). I choose to believe you and receive your forgiveness. Thank you Jesus. You are mighty to save! Continue to give me a fresh revelation of my identity and purpose. Amen.