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The Beatles released one of the most popular songs to hit the charts in 1967, All You Need is Love. On Valentines Day, retailers make billions on chocolate, cards, flowers, and jewelry. And men are said to spend twice as much as women all in the name of love. 

I have come to believe love and grace are two sides of the same coin.  We were created in love and by love, wired for love. 

“It’s not about what you deserve. It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love can save the world,” said Wonder Woman. People want to believe in a power greater than themselves. Driven by her belief in the power of love, she boldly fought the darkness that surrounded her and won. 

I don’t know about you, but Love is all I need. Love isn’t only an emotion; It’s a spirit—God (1Jn. 4:8). Jesus made His home in the depths of my heart and crowned me with His courage, beauty, strength, power, and love when I made Him Lord of my life. In a sense, I am Wonder Woman. 

I know it’s hard to fathom, but it’s true. God’s nature resides in Christ, and His being lives in me (Col. 2:9-10). Scripture says it; I believe it. How does this work? First, His love fuels and releases His compassion in me for others. 

I was with a women’s bible study group ministering to the homeless last fall.  No, I wasn’t standing on the corner preaching hell and damnation or waving a Bible around and reading scripture.  I simply was being me.  

We brought some snacks, coffee, water, and soda. I noticed an older Hispanic man with callouses on his hands. Compassion flooded my heart. This man obviously was a hard worker, but he now found himself without a job and living on the street.  To encourage this man, I casually shared the gospel with him without using a Bible.  At one point, I asked him if he had a relationship with Jesus.  He replied, “I’m working on it,” Then I asked him, “Have you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior?”  He answered, “No, not yet.” I asked, “Do you want to?” He answered, “Yes, with all my heart.”

I humbly share this story with you as a testimony of the power of love when we’re living through Christ’s grace. I had no agenda that morning other than to share the love of Christ with others. I had no idea what I would say to this man; the words just came.

When I’m relaxed and confident in my union with Christ, I naturally act in faith. I don’t have to think about it because it’s Him moving through me. Faith in Christ then releases His power and boom—restoration happens!

Love always wins! Whether it’s a person’s salvation, a heart-healing word of encouragement, a physical healing or a simple hug shared with a prayer, love triumphs. After all, Jesus said, ‘For love completes the laws of God. All of the law can be summarized in one grand statement: “Demonstrate love to your neighbor, even as you care for and love yourself. (Gal.5:14, TPT)”