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IMG_0465The first event we read about after Jesus makes His triumphal entry into Jerusalem is the cleansing of the Temple. Jesus is clearly angry and rightly so. It was customary for local merchants to sell animals to those traveling to celebrate Passover, but Jesus knew they were taking advantage of people by over-charging them.

I wonder…was this a foreshadowing of what was yet to come? Dishonesty, greed, and power-hungry hearts were about to send Jesus to the cross where He would become the ultimate sacrifice for sinful humanity.

The old covenant was about to end, and a new covenant would begin in five days. That dark Friday, Jesus cleansed His temple once again: man’s heart. He did it humbly and willingly because He saw the joy on the other side: a people made in His image, powerfully living out His life.

Take time to sit quietly before him today. Ask Him to break your heart for what breaks His. Examine your heart and ask Him to reveal any heart attitude that needs cleansing.